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May 17, 2005



I may pass along your nipple piercing experience to a friend of mine who is thinking about doing it. Personally, the thought make me nauseous.


I don't think male nipples present any major challenge to reasonable design arguments. They're *developmental* vestiges, not evolutionary vestiges. It's quite plausible that the easiest way to code for nipples in females had, as a side effect due to where it's placed in the DNA, creating nipples in males.

(Note that I say all of this as someone who completely rejects ID)


Good point, Stentor; that's a distinction (developmental versus evolutionary) that I ignored in my ignorance.

Mr. Bad

I also agree with Stentor - nipples in males to me seem akin to the appendix in the GI tract or the coccyx - developmental vestiges.

BTW, FYI, similarly to the way that women having vestigial penises (i.e., the clitoris, with all the attendant cavernous erectile tissue), men have a vestigial uteris, I believe called the prostatic colliculus (if I remember my developmental and gross anatomy properly). It's a little dimple in the urethra located in the section that passes through the prostate gland.

But Hugo, how does one have a nipple piercing reversed? Is it cauterized? That sounds more troublesome than just leaving the piercing alone and foregoing placing rings or other objects through it.


No, you don't reverse a piercing. I just took them out. They were a modest "gauge", but they still left tiny holes that have scarred.


Get a piercing reversed? It's not a sex change. Granted, you always have a small scar where it was but no big. Unless of course you get it pierced again--I had a nose pierced through scar tissue and BLOOD EVERYWHERE.

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