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April 06, 2005


La Lubu

Oh no, you didn't. Tell me you didn't say "suffered" through Grandmaster Flash!! ARRGH! C'mon, Hugo, you're old enough to be old school!!

(Lubu sadly shakes her head; mentally reciting, "it's like a jungle sometimes, it makes ya wonder how ya keep from goin' under..."


La Lubu, I never liked hip hop. Ever. Old school, new school -- if stringed instruments aren't involved, I'm not listening.



Nice post. You're completely right about how difficult it is for teenage boys to articulate their feelings. It's taken 5.5 years to get our 17yo where he can even start thinking about why he's feeling a certain way. It took a lot of telling him he needed to figure out what was bothering him and work through it, even if he didn't want to tell us about it. And it took a lot of telling him that even if he hasn't figured out what is bothering him, he has to keep his behavior in line.

And now that he's finally getting it, wouldn't you know that our younger son, just turned 15 last week, is going through the same angst. This is the kid who told me if he ever started acting like his older brother, to knock him for a loop. It's tempting some days. lol


Bravo, Hugo. Hit the nail on the head. Quite right.


I worked with boys in this age group last summer and I absolutely adored them! They were sensitive, diligent, playful, fun, loving, resourceful, and loyal. I must admit, they got a little rowdy in the late afternoon, but I can understand how hot weather can make kids irritable.__ I have to admit, there was one boy in particular that was so helpful and considerate that I wanted to adopt him.

Hugo I can see why you like working with the boys...I loved my boys too!

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