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March 28, 2005




(I know, not the most spectacular comment, but I just spent the weekend yelling the same thing at the sportscasters on TV and I'm all yelled out.)


It's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. I trust you're sending this post to the Editor?

Doc Rampage

Yes, it's too much to ask. When someone talks about a first in the Olympics, should they have to first check to see that it hasn't already happened in the Special Olympics and then qualify it? In sports news, it is rightly assumed that one is only talking about the top sport and not any reduced version of it set aside for people who couldn't compete in the main one.


Doc, do you normally compare women to the developmentally disabled? How does that work out for you?

Doc Rampage

Hugo, your ad homenim attack has disappointed me. Up to now, I have admired your unwillingness to stoop to such things.

I really hope this was an aberration caused by your intense admiration for women's basketball.

However, your ire is misplaced. Women's sports are clearly handicap sports just like the Special Olympics and just like men's college sports, and just like lighter-weight boxing events. In each case, the eligibility is limited in order to open the sport to people who would otherwise not be able to compete. You really shouldn't take offense that someone has pointed out this obvious fact.

Perhaps you will find this example less offensive: when someone refers to an NBA record by saying it was the "first in basketball", but you know that the record was previously broken in an obscure college game in 1932, then that might be an interesting fact to point out, but it is a bit sophomoric to chastise the original speaker for not taking college games into account.

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