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March 04, 2005


Okay, I give. What's the difference between adult gaming and adult gambling? I thought "gaming" was just a euphemism for gambling. Did the reporter make an error, or are they really two entirely different things?

Not entirely different, but not entirely the same, either. My understanding is that "gaming" involves an element of skill, while "gambling" relies on pure chance.

Hugo Schwyzer

Thanks, XRLQ, I think I understand.

La Lubu

Also, I think 'gaming' may refer to non-gambling role-playing games (Everquest and the like).


who reads this shit?


Why don't they just put up a filter to limit non-work sites?


Just wanted to say - love your blog!


Our computers are filtered, too. And of course, the main server has a record of e-mails and internet use b/c it keeps daily back-ups (which are incredibly useful when one's computer breaks down).

There are few instances in which porn or gambling would be useful for academic work. It happens much more frequently that professors become addicted, or feed addictions, in ways that jeopardize their jobs. I think the filtering helps protect our jobs, and protect us from ourselves, at least at work. It might be a bit paternalistic, but I don't mind.

We also can request sites to be unblocked, or go to the dean's office and use an unfiltered computer that is there (I think). When I wrote a book on birth control, I ran into several problems, but just came home and used the sites from home.


I would agree with La Lubu on the use of "gaming" in this context. All one has to do is sit in the back row of any classroom with 'net access and look at the laptops being used to play first-person shooter games and what not, in class. I always feel like a big geek when I use my laptop for crazy things like note-taking. :)

Hugo Schwyzer

Thanks for clarifying what gaming is, everyone. I thought it was an industry-friendly euphemism for gambling.

Jenell, you're absolutely right. "It might be a bit paternalistic, but I don't mind." Agreed.


Dang, and here I gave up caustic sarcasm when I redid UnSpace. I've had to wipe out 3456 7 replies so far.

Aren't you embarassed to be working there? What's worse, the low opinion the admin has of the profs, or that the profs lived down to the low opinion?


Off-topic...but since you mentioned Bitch I thought I'd mention that they're having a benefit auction of some stuff. It includes all sorts of out of print back issues and what not.


You might give the civil libertarian side of you another shot at this. Seems to me that the potential problem isn't that profs aren't respected enough to be trusted, or that academic freedom per se will be blocked--the potential problem is that it is the administration, not the profs themselves, who are deciding WHAT counts as ok and what doesn't. Part of the point of academic freedom is that it is up to the individual instructor to make this decision, and that he or she really only has to justify that decision by doing academic work and publishing, etc.

I guess what I'm saying is, just because you're not bothered that somebody is tracking your web use because you're not bothered by what they will find (chinchillas aside!)doesn't mean that it will stay that way--what if they decide to investigate you in some way regarding your Gay and Lesbian history class? What if THEY declare that visitng Gay.com for research for that class isn't academic? It shouldn't be the administration making that decision, right?What if you wanted to do a comparison of 'feminist' articles re: bitch vs. playboy, for instance? The possible examples are numerous--and the point is that whatever the example, who ought be making the decision on whether it is 'academic' or not?

The Grand Inquisitor

The gay/lesbian organizations regularly meet in DePaul's Lincoln Park Student Center at the corner of Belden/Kenmore on the 3rd floor between the Ministry Office and the Dean of Student Services within forty feet. This is no doubt a contradiction as well as shameful in a Catholic university which boasts the nation’s largest student body population at +20,000 standing.

A month ago [three weeks prior to the end of the Winter quarter of 2005] I saw a DePaul U. priest wearing the collar and all, exiting from the student chapel on the 1st floor with a long neck green wine bottle in his hand. He gazed at me with a contorted look in his visage at a distance, vin bottle in hand, -- I'm not kidding, -- walked up to me, I was standing under the lunch room stair case on the due West end of the Student Center at time, this same priest placed the long neck green wine bottle directly over his private area as if where an extension of his penis and again applied a sorted stare at my visage again. I HAVE NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE BEEN SO SHOCKED BY SUCH A CARNAL Knowledge incident. Every Thing I have ever been told about catholic priests is true. Just last week, I stopped over to the Ministry Office to enquire about this priest name based on my physical description of him. The Black and White girl in the office ID'd the priest as Fr Richard Valentine. They also wanted to intimate something about Fr. Dan Faes As well.

If you have young and virgin teenage children entering collage as a freshman there is a strong likelihood that they will be introduced to homosexuality via DePaul Universities’ social sciences and philosophy (dominated by gay male graduate interns) academic curriculum classes in which they are required to enroll. The department heads and faculty are headed up by gay and lesbian faculty and administrators who do something and are supposed to be working there. You can not even get a job in these departments if you are not homosexual. The Dean of Students, homosexual organizations, colleague faculty, -- regularly communicate using email, and cell phones, and stalk DESIRED STUDENTS for recruitment -- and campus security regularly monitors on there behave (lecture classes that all have TV monitors designed by DePaul U’s computer department CTI (most flagrant violator) that can be “piped” into private offices to single out specific students who are over achievers, physically attractive and especially target Black Males who aligned them selves with the moral high ground that encompasses all of the previously mentioned behavior and physical traits.

Designated students are given the specific task and job of recruiting for homosexuality specific students who regularly use campus facilities: computer labs, libraries, and student center (Lincoln Park campus location), as well as the Law School building -- location of Lower Level campus security offices, you can see a officer monitor who they LIKE on TV monitors -- (shortwave TV’s cameras hidden in crevices around the class black boards. I even heard young honest white women from a different class down the hall mention during class break when I walked in the 12 floor hall way from out of my Java computer class, “I saw you on the TV in the Graduate class room down the hall.” This type of illegal surveillance is conducted by administrators of the “Office of Graduate Admission School of Computer Science, Telecommunication and Information Systems” located on 243 So. Wabash Ave, Chicago, Il 60604, (312) 362-5327. I sent a letter to my java instructor telling him that I was excessively harassed by gay students who sit behind me either making loud noises or kicking the rear end of the chair I was setting in. When I tell campus security, they take no security violation action as they are the ones who setup the students actions and perpetrate the events on the behave of Greg MacVarish DeAn of Student Services front the Lincoln Park campus location, much evidence points in that direction when after entering the building effeminate Security Officer Romansky – talks about me to Law people in the building – say, “HEY, YOU NEED TO DONATE AFTER LEAVING THE MEN'S ROOM. The Data Structures and Algorithms Java class instructor, Dr Perkovic, in my last class meeting even told the entire class that I had a criminal record, “get his social security number” and “he has spent several “Bits” in JAIL.” I never, ever said a word in class all winter quarter. I did not do any thing to deserve to have my name and reputation sullied in this ill manner among students and on short wave TV broadcasted to DISTANT LEARNING STUDENTS OVER THE INTERNET. I even sent a letter to the instructor about this problem with no results occurring.

This problem is pervasive through the downtown campus where I will have classes again in the Spring Quarter. Just last week when I left the CTI building to register for classes last Monday (I was stalked by maintenance man caring a security radios) when I enter the Law School building in order to enter the main Loop campus (entrance under construction, – I guarantee you that hidden security cameras will be installed in the building façade when contractors do the façade face lift) on 1 E. Jackson, Chicago, Ill 60604.

All of these offices even know who is reporting them, yet no member of the staffs are confronting me about this for they all know that they are conspiring in these flagrant violation and illegal acts that are against the LAW. They all know that I will turn state evidence against them for these audacious immoral atrocities.

I have sent a number of letter about this problem to the local Chicago media only to receive blasting sirens out side my window every time I submit e-mail, stalking a surveillance from suited up and under cover officers and down to Comcast cable truck and vans and undesignated vehicle out site my residence window at home as a result of my bono fide and honest efforts to upend and eradicate and receive help for these misguided and wrongful acts of surveillance of course BY law officials. Hell, it looks like it’s easer for them to try to “get” or “plant” – THEY LOOK IN TO MY COMPUTER PC WHEN I’M ON THE INTERNET, LOOK I’M A COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJOR, I’M TIRED of REMOVING THE SPY WARE. I’M NOT DONG ANY THING AGAINST THE LAW -- any thing on the little man, but no one wants to do any thing to STOP the harasser (OR big kkkahuna )who are committing these low down violations of civic and federal law. If law enforcement went after big the kkkahuna who is causing the problems in the first place, rightfully charge try and convict them like the Greek Lawyer Euthephro did of his father when advising charged ill mannered Socrates for corruption of the nations male collegian youth in Athens, that would simply mean that I finally did an honest day of work at the public eXpense [sic]. If this happened I’d with out hesitation withdraw and promptly end my civil rights violation complaints against Catholic school DePaul University FORthwithly.

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