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March 07, 2005



Hey Hugo,

don't worry about the burrito setback, membership in People for Eating Tasty Animals encourages this sort of behavior. :)

as for the kate/cate mix up, i couldn't tell you who's who, nor could i name any movie either was in.

and if you publish a children's book soon, i could read it to my children and for once say i know the author, or at least that he was an instructor of mine.


I don't like this game. It's no good for those of us who are ordinary, and lead boring, predictable lives.


oh, those damn carne asada burritos. devil's work, I tell ya.


Was the case a drug prosecution?


You are actually writing!! You are actually writing children's stories!! ...This is fabulous! You have great writing ability and I'm really happy to see you put it to a different use. I am so excited for you!

Don't worry about the vegetarian set back. You can't get down on yourself over things like that. We all need to deviate from our own strict guidelines for ourselves every once in a while. We all need a treat, to splurge,..to just plain enjoy something!

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