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February 02, 2005



Ok Hugo, Kucinich is fine...but Villarigosa? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We don't need a race baiting, Mecha member running the city of LA. He doesn't have a legit answer that isnt poll tested statewide for an eventual Demo Primary... Vote Parks! Vote Hertzberg...Heck, Vote Alarcon! (I understand not liking Hahn)...just anyone but Antonio!!!

Oh, and you're what David Brooks calls a BoBo... if you haven't read "Bobos in Paradise," do...



If we could all meet and talk it over over a cup of Peet's... I'll bet we'd all get along!!


I agree with Christine! Except I wouldn't pass any sort of "in shape" physical requirements to enter SoCal from the north. :)


How fabulous are you? Except for the campus crusaders part, you rock!

La Lubu

Brandon, if Hugo's a real bobo, they must be paying community college profs a helluva lot more in CA than in IL!

Blue state/red state----bah! More divisive framing, designed to get people to pay more attention to style than to substance. Don't buy into it, and don't promote it.

Hugo Schwyzer

Fair enough, La Lubu. Of course, poking fun is different, I hope, than promotion!

Hugo Schwyzer

Brandon, I do have the book. Someone gave it to me last year... he's a little snide, but some of it is accurate.

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