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February 21, 2005



Of the movies that you've seen during your Oscar-viewing quest, do you have a favorite for best picture among those not nominated for it?

Hugo Schwyzer

Oh, sure: of those not nominated for best picture, I'd say these five were richly deserving:

1. "Hotel Rwanda" (that will make Amy happy, right?)
2. "Being Julia"
3. "The Passion of the Christ"
4. "Vera Drake"
5. "Maria, Full of Grace"

I still need to see Kinsey and Motorcycle Diaries.


Hugo, do you really think that Depp deserves the Best Actor nod over Don Cheadle from Hotel Rwanda? I have a feeling that Jamie Foxx is going to win it anyway, however...


I think Depp deserves it, yes, because it is such an extraordinarily subtle performance. (As last year in "Pirates of the Caribbean.") Cheadle's was the most heroic, ala Adrien Brody two years ago. I'd rather see Cheadle get it than Foxx, of course, but I am afraid you're right.


Yes, it does make me happy to see "Hotel Rwanda" on your list. I don't get to the movies much, but based on what I've heard from you and others (and my love of Annette Bening), I feel I must see "Being Julia."


I loved the first 3/4 of Million Dollar Baby-- the boxing parts. Just saw it last night. How refreshing to see women violently pummeling each other without it being 1) prettied up or 2) without the movie making that big deal about the fact that these were women boxers. It was presented primarily as a boxing story and a story about a woman and her coach without gender being the primary issue. I am only 33, but we seem to have come a hell of a long way just in my lifetime.

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