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February 08, 2005



I've been watching her for a few years - she is awesome. She's done some truly amazing things - the Vendee Globe, where she came in second, becoming the fastest woman, and continuing to sail through injuries. She's incredible.

Hugo Schwyzer

Well, I would have been watching her if the damned American media gave her more coverage. I need to read about something other than the fortunes of Glasgow Celtic when I go to BBC Sport.


Did ESPN2 give any coverage? The cover more-unusual sports.

Hugo, I'm going to post this here because I know you'll see it and it won't get lost. I've really enjoyed your blog, but since the invasion of the MRAs and some of their more extremist detractors, the comments are no longer a place where I can find interesting, if occasionally maddening, discussion. They've turned into a free-for-all of misogyny, misandry, whining about custody and hedonistic feminism. I'm afraid I can't post here any longer, and since if I read some of these comments I'll not be able to resist the urge, I won't be lurking, either. Which is too bad, because I'd been heartened to see what a thoughtful blog this was, even if I don't agree with all your stances.

Be well, and I'm sure I'll "see" you around.

Hugo Schwyzer

I'm hoping, zuzu, that the new commenting rules will help... thanks for all you have given here.


zuzu - I hope I was not one of the ones chasing you away. If you are still reading, I offer to bow out myself, if it would give you the space to be able to continue with a forum that has been valuable to you.


Well, if you like Lance (and I'm also a fan) you may want to check out Oprah today since he'll be on there (you are off work after all).

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