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February 08, 2005



Why, Hugo, we call that flame-baiting! ;)


Flamebait indeed. You're a brave man in that regard Hugo. I'd be scared to death of some kid crying assault and ending up in jail on slim evidence.


Thanks Hugo. When you get here, you can come and sit in the back for a morning. If you don't say anything too heretical, I might even let you help! ;-)


Actually Hugo we'd like the opportunity to spend time with our *OWN* sons first.


Fair call, IMHO Thomas. There are definitely issues with custody and family law that need to be sorted out to give Dads a fair go. At least in NZ that is so, and I suspect the US is little different. I wrote about it here:


Hugo is definitely stirring the pot a little, but considering some of the scurrilous nonsense the MRA people attacked him with, one can hardly blame him. There are definitely legitimate issues which the Mens Rights people ought to raise. Good on them, and I have considerable sympathy with their concerns. (I have written very strongly worded letters and signed the Petition to support shared-parenting), but what is good and right and true in what they say is obscured, at least for me, by silly rhetoric.


John - Silly rhetoric is not hard to find, no matter which cause one favors. An easy trap into which many fall, is that of sampling the lunatic fringe supporters of a given cause and then forever associating the cause with the extremists. Those who are derided as "MRAs" in this blog are a great case in point, even though there has been some attempt to exempt certain groups as long as they don't try to help divorced Dad's get to visit their kids. Meanwhile, "MRA" remains the worst of pejoratives on this blog. Hugo himself has been unable to see how his feet are firmly entangled in this very trap, and until he does, he will remain a well-intentioned but misguided man, but who does good work in his sphere.

And Hugo - since you asked, my work with young men has been with WIHD, and their main activity, Young Men's Adventure Weekend. Check out www.ymuw.org. I have been trying to get a chapter started in New Mexico, where I now live. Meanwhile, I am active in MKP.



Hugo Schwyzer

I am going to do an MKP weekend in 2005, stanton; it's just got to happen.


Hugo - I am delighted to hear you say that. All the men I have seen go through this training, without exception, have declared it to be empowering and validating. If there is anything that I can do to support you in this, I am at your disposal.

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