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February 11, 2005



I did so last year. Most of my blogs are Feminist or Political, and the rest are knitting or music blogs. The most interesting thing is that my stats, excluding massive group blogs, are split in half on gender. I didn't even mean to do it that way.


I am brand new to blog-reading (as of about a month ago), but so far my daily reads can be categorized as follows:

Lawyer Blogs:
4 female
3 male

Feminist Blogs:
2 female
1 male

TOTAL: 6 female, 4 male
Not bad-- but I guess I should find more male-written blogs!

Chris Tessone

This post inspired me to finally go through my RSS reader and blogroll a bunch of blogs I'd been reading for a while.

29 written by men
32 written by women

I have 14 categorized as feminist blogs, 41 as godblogs, and 9 as other, but some of those cross over into other categories (maybe five or six that are both godblogs and feminist blogs, etc.)

La Lubu

Well, some of the blogs in my sidebar aren't listed under "blogs"; they're in the parenting section or the feminist section or whatever. But under "blogs", there's two group, nineteen female, and thirteen male. Most lean to stage left, as do I.


Wow. I knew my blogroll was biased, but I didn't realize quite how biased. In the section for blogs by people I only know through blogging, I have 16 single-authored by men, 3 single-authored by women, 13 group blogs, and two that are indeterminate. My list of blogs by people I know from non-blog contexts is tilted the other way (though not as badly) -- 29 by men and 43 by women (counting all the livejournals in my friends list).

My perception was probably a bit skewed by the better gender balance in my bookmarks file. But I guess I should get around to shifting some of those out onto the public blogroll.


I (am female and) have blogrolled:

24 blogs written by men
23 blogs written by women
1 fictional blog supposed to be written by a woman but really written by a man (bizgirl.blogspot.com)
2 group blogs

The following is the closest I could come to categorizing the blogs I read, and some blogs appear in more than one of these categories below.

24 blogs written by academics

10 blogs written by people remotely in a technology-related field (academic or otherwise)

15 blogs written by people not fitting either of the categories above

6 blogs that are often political in nature

Trish Wilson

I didn't count them outright, but I know I have more women bloggers on my blog roll than men. I read them more often, too. I also noticed I have more group blogs than I had originally thought. I have about a half dozen legal blogs. I also have several women's blogs in my favorites that aren't on my blog roll.


I have links to webrings containing Liberal blogs, Feminist blogs, and Pro-Choice blogs. And I too have more links to blogs published by women, than blogs published by men.


i did this last year and it came up more male written bloggers than women. That's even though i read more blogs by women than men. i think one reason is that i have a lot of blogs on the roll because they blogrolled me a long time ago and out of courtesy i'm reluctant to replace them with new blogs.

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