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February 01, 2005



"If the "date rape" drug were legal to dispense, but I refused to dispense it on the grounds that it (obviously) makes it easier for a person to be raped, would you accuse me of religious intolerance?"

"I would accuse you of not doing your job and of substituting your judgment for the judgment of my doctor."

Okay...at least you're consistent...even if that consistency means supporting the sale of child-killing drugs and the date-rape pill...consistency is good, though...I suppose...


Lots of drugs can be abused and not used for their intended purpose. Lots of drugs have effects that might happen if not used correctly, or if there's an interaction with another drug.

Does that mean that the pharmacist is entitled to substitute his or her judgment for that of the FDA, Congress and the doctor? No. If dispensing legal medications makes someone uncomfortable, they should not be in that line of work.

And before you bring up roofies again, I have a friend who was raped after someone put some in her drink.


"And before you bring up roofies again, I have a friend who was raped after someone put some in her drink."

What. You think I'm using such an analogy LIGHTLY? It's a mortally serious subject. They both are. Hence, the analogy.


I think you are right on the money. I, too, can no longer support FFL because they do not support the use of condoms. If distributing condoms in high schools and colleges would reduce the abortion rate drastically among those students, who in their right mind would have a problem with doing so? Are those of us who call ourselves "pro-life" actually concerned with saving lives or with promoting our moral beliefs? I wish every woman could have the maturity and foresight to know if they are ready to have a child. I wish every man could realize what a responsibility it is to create a life. But we have to live in the real world. My mission is to take my message to other mothers like myself, and focus on our own children, especially our daughters. We need to teach our young women that they must respect themselves enough to INSIST on a condom every time. I know of three girls in my own class who had abortions, because they had been convinced by their teenage boyfriend that "nothing will happen; just this once". One friend told me she would give anything to have that moment back where she could have said "no way, if you want to be with me, you have to wear a condom." A lifetime of regret could have been prevented if she had only been empowered to take control of the situation. I want to live in a world where abortion is the very last resort. Doesn't everyone? This is why I can't agree with FFL or with my own faith's teachings on the use of condoms. Condoms will and do save the lives of unborn children. To restrict their availablity or condemn those who use them in any way is contrary to the cause of protecting life.

Adam Greenwood

"I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a pro-life, pro-feminist man. . . . In practice, that means dropping out of the current abortion wars. I have, as of this month, cancelled my contributions to Feminists for Life."

If you reconcile feminism and pro-life stances by stopping do anything to promote life, you have in effect abandoned your pro-life stance. Like most pro-choicers, you've adopted the logic that the concerns of grown women are more important than the lives of unborn person. You've reconciled nothing. If you were really interested in reconciling your views, instead of abandoning one of them, you would have retreated into silence and confusion on both.

I read your site from time to time. My friend Russell Fox is a friend of yours and--though I'm pretty conservative myself--I felt I could trust you in part because of I had this vague idea that you were against abortion, which led me to believe that your feminism was not typical liberal self-hatred, but principled. I saw the consistent life ethic in your banner. But following some links from other sites today I found out that I was wrong. You don't stand up for life after all. Guess I was right about the corrosive effects of feminism after all. God have mercy on us.


Adam, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I remain prayerfully silent on the issue of the legality of abortion, and pray for the day when it becomes unthinkable. That position earns me scorn from both sides, and perhaps that scorn is merited. Call it foolish ambivalence, call it un-Christian cowardice, call it what you will -- here I sit, and I cannot do otherwise.

Regards to Russell, and peace to you.

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