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February 03, 2005



"There is a legitimate difference between Hitler and the British occupation in India. Morally shaming those who can't be shamed doesn't work
annikagyrl: shame is the key, that's what i was going to say
i don't think that GWB should be expected to go to Afghanistan and sit down with OBL"

I guess I have to say why not? If it could end worldwide terrorism, for instance? Or at least cut it down substantially?

I mean not to start trouble but we can't always pick and chose our enemies...they are who they are...and we must be ready to do whatever it takes to negotiate with them if will save the lives of others who have to be the next step, when negotiation fails or isn't even attempted due to false pride...


Negotiate what? Are you even aware of what OBL wants? i am, and i don't think any of those things are negotiable from my point of view, especially at the point of a gun. That wouldn't be negotiation, that's extortion.


I don't know what are ALL of his issues?

But I know he wants the royal family to be booted out of Saudi Arabia, I could live with that...another, for no American soldiers to be stationed in Saudi Arabia, again something I could live with...

He has other which I probably could NOT live with, but that doesn't mean we should close the door to ANY negotiation...

That's false pride on our part to not negotiate with our enemy...and leads to many more deaths then necessary...

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