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January 07, 2005


La Lubu

I read that book in 1980 too! Probably still have it up on the top shelf, the one 8 1/2' up that has all the small paperbacks doubled up. Where I lived, the Doors made it possible to both be rock-and-roll and also read intelligent books. My "too" broad taste in music still put me in the "weird" category, though. I remember Jodie Foster's Army. (Didja read CREEM magazine too, Hugo? Didja know they're going back to the newsstands again, this year?).

Wow. Danny Sugerman married Fawn Hall. Who'd'a thunk it?!

Hugo Schwyzer

Oh, I did read Creem for a while -- I'll have to look it up. La Lubu, we have just dated ourselves into a very specific period in American cultural history.

La Lubu

Yeah, well..hey. Getting older beats the alternative!

Anyway, I really dug Creem because they were the only rock and roll magazine that would cover funk, blues and jazz too. Hip jazz, not that elevator music crap! And no, Rolling Stone does not count. They write about rock and roll about as well as Pat Boone sings it.


Here's a weird story: Just the other day, my dad and stepmom were visiting in town. My stepmom told a story from her high school days when she went to a dance and the original band cancelled. The replacement band? The Doors. They were obviously not big yet, but she said they left a HUGE impression on all those teenage kids.


I went through a period of Doors fandom also, around college age (also around the time the movie came out, but that was a coincidence). I was never huge on Jim Morrison though. I appreciated that his lyrics were more interesting than most, but mostly I just dug the music.


Wow! This is a blast to the past...Jim Morrison was my idol too! ( You must be an old soul.) I used to sketch his portrait and paste it up all over my room. I was really obcessed with this guy and his music. You are right, he was sexy, and an intellectual, an irresistible combination.__ When I heard about the drug overdose I felt betrayed..I guess I was dissappointed in him, I never expected this from him.... I never again had another rock idol after that, nor did I ever again get all that excited about any particular music either.

Sarah Dylan Breuer

Jodi Foster's Army? I remember them with more fondness than I know how to describe at the moment (which may be a a particularly uncreative moment, as I'm feeling fairly drained from a 14-hour day at work on a new parish website -- not at all my area of expertise, and not at all, aside from a passion for evangelism, part of my sense of vocation!).

Tell me, please tell me, that you're a fellow fan of the L.A. punk band 'X'! I think they still qualify as my favorite band of all time.



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