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January 07, 2005



The winter sessions are fun! SFSU's started this week, and I've never taken a class during this small interlude between semesters. Thankfully I start a job on Monday, or this "sleeping in till 10" routine would haunt me until the end of the month.


Ooh, vacation. Alien concept. I've been a contractor for the last 5 years, so the only stretches of time I've had off have been unintentional unemployment, my mother's illness/death, and right after 9/11, when I wasn't even sure if I still had a job (I worked two blocks from there, and yes, I did).

But when I had time off previously, between jobs when I had another one lined up, or in school, or whenever, I relished the free time and having no responsibility for that time.

I'm working on reducing my expenses, paying off my debts, and increasing my savings so I can retire early and/or go to part-time by the time I'm 45.


You deserve a rest...you are the hardest working professor I know. I was in your Winter Session Class a year ago, you are an incredible teacher, and according to all the postings I've been reading, you are a gifted writer too! __ Actually, you are brilliant, you simply MUST write books, articles, you name it.__ It is your duty, your gift to posterity, in exchange for the gift of intellect and wit that has been bestowed on you.



I've just started visiting your blog from the UK.

I do know what you mean about the joys and problems of free time. I teach at a UK university college, and every summer I look at the long gap between terms and think "Wow, I'll get so much done!" but I don't and I get so frustrated :-(

I do wish that I had found a neat answer, but I haven't, I can just sympathise and hope that you're proud of what you will have achieved by February.

all the best


Free Time? Urp, I'm a mom of 3 baby/toddlers and I'd give my left big toe for a week off. Seriously.

Enjoy it!! And know that I am jealous as hell.

Hugo Schwyzer

Lord willing, Lisa, I will be where you are in just a few short years... and you have my intense admiration!


I'm confused....don't you have an 8 yr. old son?

Hugo Schwyzer

Uh, you've got me confused with someone else... no kids, just a chinchilla!


Oh Hugo, if you've got time off don't fill it up with stuff...just enjoy the greatness of nothing. I remember vacation time...oh the sweetness of doing nothing. Like Zuzu, my plan has long been an early retirement filled with beautiful nothingness!


I would like your advise on the following: I'm in a telecourse where I never actually get to see or talk to my instructor. We communicate on-line, or he writes comments on our papers.__He's actually a good instructor, except for the times that he makes up things to try and get his point across. I have a difficult time with this, sometimes I can't tell the difference between reality and fiction. One of my classmates told me to attach more weight to the subject matter than to the words, but I actually think that I need to give more weight to the words than to the subject matter.....I'm really sorry that I discovered this telecourse, I've had problems from the first day, I'm just too gullible and naive for this type of instruction. I have a really hard time communicating with an individual unless I'm in their face, body language is so important!__ I thought I understood this instructor's philosophy, but everytime I think I have it figured out he sends a curve ball. __ I guess I lost it, I don't know where he is coming from, I don't know where he is going, I don't understand him. I certainly can't take his class in the spring, and I guess I need to drop this one.....What do you think??

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