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January 20, 2005


The emails from his fans -- an earnest lot, I'll say that -- have begun to pile up in my inbox. I note that while some are nasty, most (so far) see me as a hopelessly misguided (but perhaps well-intentioned) fellow who just needs a little "enlightenment."

Sounds about right.

Jeff JP

Hopelessly misguided?



Definitely misguided. Your boot belongs on the neck, not on the floor. Poor thing.

Hugo Schwyzer

Well, I'll definitely have to think about wearing boots to Sunday's show. I may have some old Doc Martens in the closet. But if I really want to feel confident, I'll put on an old pair of New Balance 833s, a pair from a marathon. They're good luck!


I dare you to go in drag. Oh please oh please oh pleeease...

Hugo Schwyzer

Thisgirl, good idea, but I wouldn't want Glenn Sacks to stumble... wouldn't be very Christian of me.


I can picture his face now... oh the hilarity

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