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January 05, 2005



welcome back! sorry to hear you were sick during the flight...


I echo Elaine's sentiments above, and add that I was sick _for_ you, post-Holiday Bowl. :(

La Lubu

I'll bet your fellow passengers were thinking, "hope I don't catch whatever he has!"


How awful and embarrassing Hugo, i'm so sorry! Ever read the hot zone? Glad your back, we missed you!


Yes, Hugo withdrawal was not fun. Happy New Year, welcome back and feel better!

Chinchillas the humblest of animals? You can't mean that, lol.

Hugo Schwyzer

Oh, Annika, I mean humble in the sense of self-effacing. As you imply, chins are rodent royalty -- but with a remarkable sense of noblesse oblige.


Dramamine, Hugo! Now over-the-counter. Some Asians swear by raw ginger. Of course, none of that is going to help if it was food-borne illness and not motion sickness.

Jonathan Dresner

My quite non-asian sister-in-law is a devotee of ginger pills, too. You don't even have to taste ginger, apparently.

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