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January 27, 2005


Trish Wilson

I thought you'd be interested in knowing that I know the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon. She's a friend of mine. She did it back in the 1960's. Her name is Roberta Gibb. I'm not a runner myself - my poor legs and back can't handle it - but I take frequent walks around the beaches and walking paths along the cliffs out here. Not in this weather, though. There is more than two feet of snow on the ground now. I can't wait for summer. I have to exercise in the house, and it's not as much fun.


I like to WATCH people run. Does that count? :)

Blogrolled ya, BTW.

The Boys

Hey man, we missed ya this morning. We all managed to meet at 8:00am sharp! You would have been proud, not one complaint in the bunch.....except for Zeke, he almost fell off the mountain!

Hugo Schwyzer

That's funny, "Boys." If only any of the mountains around here were actually open!


"...among the deepest trees left leaning
after last year's storm..."

Lol, Hugo. leave it to you to find a poem about running with the phrase "left leaning" in it!

Hugo Schwyzer

And leave it to you, Annie, to have eyes and mind sharp enough to spot it!

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