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January 31, 2005



I wouldn't change my little chinchilla, 'Barry' for anything! No dogs or cats for me...Well said Hugo!


We have three cats, so adopting a chinchilla might only serve to give the poor dear a nervous disposition.

However, I'll always send hugs to Matilde.


It's all cultural definition - which animals are edible, pettable, loveable, and which are not. It's disturbing when an animal like chinchilla is both pet-worthy and coat/purse-worthy. Kudos to those trying to change our culture's view of chinchillas!

Hugo Schwyzer

Jenell, you're absolutely right. Really, I aspire to living completely cruelty-free as a vegan. But it's taking a while to get there.


šinšilų kailiai .veisiumas. prekyba.

keith foster

all energy from humans should be directed toward wild animals, protection,it is silly to try to make people not breed animals for fur, we EAT animals all the time,they would not be there if people did not breed them. sure it a shame to kill anything, did you know that you can hook up an eeg machine to a plant and it can remember people. start helping the creatures that need you most. wild creatures .thank you and may god bless you, I wish you the best,I do my best, to help gods creatures, and so do you, I just wish people would remember and protect the wild ones, ,


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