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December 13, 2004



Obesity, Poverty, and Choice. Short and sweet. cant believed i missed that post.


I thought for sure I would have my "porn" post be #1; in the end, however, there was something I liked about this one above all others.


sadly to say i would think it speaks out to most of us, if not all of us. at least the bloggers that not only read your blog, but daily, almost zealously blog themselves. if you take a moment to think about it, if you're blogging, you are probly already have more "freedoms to". whether or not your begingings were fortunate or not in life, at your present status, you are fortunate, i am fortunate. blog away my fellow friends, you are fortunate.

it was indeed very well said hugo [sure let me throw some more egotistic flare at you ;) ]and it puts things in perspective. thank you.

jen lemen

you picked my favorites, too.


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They really deserve the top five position :) I went through all of 'em, really interesting stuff

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