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December 09, 2004



"But it's not enough to help the young men we work with explore and better understand the dominant stories of masculinity. We have to offer them positive alternatives. And that's what counterstories are about."

Hugo, I don't know these folks you're talking about. For some reason, I get this mental impression that they'd attempt to peacefully disrupt our high power rocket launches because we're "too aggressive."

Knowing you, I doubt that's the case. Marathoning is a bit too macho for some feminists I know. How about some more about what these folks believe, maybe dispell some of those unwarranted expectations running around in my brain?



I'm not sure what you're looking for, Rob -- reassurance that MCSR isn't out to emasculate? ;-)

Counterstories generally revolve around men who exhibit strength in ways that defy conventional masculine expectations. Vaguely put, counterstories celebrate men who take "the road less traveled" in terms of exercising their power.

I've never met a feminist who complained about endurance sports or competition. Indeed, many of the most committed feminists I've met, of both sexes, are on road bikes and on trails much of the time!

I have met environmentalists who tell me that my working out leads me to consume more calories than I need to survive, thus making me a greater part of the problem. These folks have never seen how uptight I get when I haven't worked out for a few days!

La Lubu

Well, I visited the site, and thought I'd see a bunch of unbelievably superheroish men, the made-for-TV-movie type testimony, and was pleasantly surprised to see nominations of plain ol' guys, the everyday heros that we walk past and just don't know it. It was a great link---thanks!


Marathoning is a bit too macho for some feminists I know.

What about the rest of them? I mean, you know more than one, right?

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