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December 23, 2004



ooh, I've never read or heard that one before, and I'm sorry I missed it for so many years. 'Delightful' is not a word I use often, but it's the first that came to mind upon finishing this. Thank you for sharing it. And Merry Christmas. :)


Milne is one of the glories of Civilisation. I reread Milne every year, with greater pleasure than before. Blessings on you too, Hugo.


wonderful Hugo. i hope you're having a Merry Christmas over in England!


One of the poems I've had memorised since childhood. A true gem. Nice to know others feel the same way. :)


I was looking for this on the web to read at a special holiday service in my Unitarian-Universalist church, and came across your site. Best wishe for the 2005 holiday season!


Thank you soo much!! I used to have this in an old children’s Christmas book, which has long since been "mislaid". I know now that I am not going crazy, and my search for King John and his Indian rubber ball is finally over. Thank you again for brightening up my day...have a wonderful Christmas...and keep spreading that good old fashioned cheer!!! kt

Melody McCaslin

My mother used to read this to me every Christmas. Now I plan to read it to my children. Thank you so much for posting this.


Ilove it and would like to copy it. Why can't I?


I have seen it a few times, performed at Christmas.

Garry Prior

This, along with about a dozen other "When we were very young" and "Now we are six" poems, were an essential part of my childhood, and I hope my childrens', although that is their decision. My mother read them to my siblings and me, and when I read King John or The King's Breakfast, it is her voice I hear. I recently read them to my grandchildren, and they were fascinated, but I only see them rarely, so I hope my daughter keeps them in her bedtime story routine. I did read the entire two books again not long ago, seeing if there were any classics that we had somehow missed, but with one possible exception, I came to the conclusion that we had covered the best and very good they are too. Taken with all the Winnie the Pooh stories, they are timeless treasures and worthy of revisiting from time to time.

Sophia Burton

Yip spot on I love this poem!

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