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December 20, 2004



See, that's just adorable. If I didn't think my cats would jump up and shred their stockings, I'd get stockings for them, too.


My "children" have to wait until Christmas Eve to play with their stockings!

John Sloas

Bro, I know you love it, but it sort of freaks me out. I guess I have some sort of chinchillophobia. Merry Christmas.


IT??? IT??? Chinchillas, brother John, are male or female. They are never, ever, ever "it."


But is gender identity really that important to Chinchillas?


Gender identity is probably important if you want baby chinchillas, which are the most adorable things EVAR, even cuter than Mathilde's fuzzy self.

Unlike most pets, where population control is important because it's cruel to bring kittens or puppies into a world where they won't find homes, with chinchillas it is primarily about keeping us frail humans from fatally overdosing on cute. I haven't held a baby chin in over three years and I'm still slightly unsteady from the experience.


Yami, we have thought about breeding Matilde. However, she has made it clear to us that she is just as happy as can be with us, and feels no desire for mating or motherhood. She is a reminder that for females of all species, there is tremendous fulfillment without sex or procreation.

I long to hold a chinnie kit, at least once in my life.

DJW -- Matilde points out that gender identity is not crucial in the radically egalitarian rodent world. But it is considered undignified to be referred to as a neuter.


I'm wondering what the lava rocks are for. Do chinchillas have gizzards?


Chinchillas will chew anything -- incredibly strong teeth. The "lava stones" are soft rocks that slowly crumble as a chinnie gnaws on them.


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