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December 10, 2004



Sitting in the sun...what a fantasy. I just went for a walk in my neighborhood wearing mittens, a hat, and a wool coat.


don't despair Hugo, or make plans to move to Canada just yet. I'm sure that you know that politics and culture are on a pendulum... and we are at one end of the pendulum now, it will swing back in a few years. I remember as a child, my parents dreaming of moving to Australia during the Vietnam War. Besides if all the progrssive liberals leave, we'll REALLY be in trouble... the US might even invade Canada.. looking for WMDs or something.


Fred Vincy

Coffee shops are the best for grading -- so long as I disable my wireless internet card. No sun here in the Midwest, though.


Portland, Oregon is the single of 2004 for my money. Great album.


Great choice of cd's Hugo.

The Angry Clam

Vancouver is a really nice city, actually- when I was there, I thought it was a clean version of San Francisco.

Warmer too.


You know, it took a while for "Portland" to grow on me -- the song is terrific, but the guitar intro is too self-indulgent. The title track is my favorite -- but I'm sentimental that way -- and "Miss being Mrs." is an instant classic.

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