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December 16, 2004


helppp mee

can somebody PLEASE tell me how many chinchillas it takes to make a fur coat? i need 2 write a persuasive essay due tomorrow and im writing about chinchillas and every time i try to look up facts it leads me to sites about pet chinchillas!!!!! ugh!


Well chinchillas like all animals or living things that have a purpose in this world, they are still not human beings and well to any living thing, i think they should not be killed with extreme pain that we all would not want to have, we are humans they are animals. Don't treat them like one, but still give them that heart warming love like anyone would want if lonely, animals are not like us though they can feel pain too. God gave us the gift to change what must be changed and if people are just killing animals like this for coats worth 500 dollars then change will be the plan.


Yeah I agree to an extent. Practices like this definatly put species to extinction.
But I have to admit, those chinchilla jackets do look great.
As a matter of fact, I stumbled here looking for one to buy.
I'm a little iffy on the issue, seeing as that they sure do kill a lot of those little animals for one jacket...

I saw an arguement about animals being pests, which may nullify the issue of some animals that are actually pests in areas...
But if you can give me an area where chinchillas are pests, tell me where it is, cause I'll move there immediatly.
I'de probably share part of my home with them. (not all of it though, cause I'm pretty sure that chinchillas don't know how to use a toilet)


I'm totally all for abortion, cause i dont want kids...but not chinchilla hunting...i have a pet chin.

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