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November 06, 2004


Fred Vincy

Thank you, Hugo. I certainly did not want to ask you to share anything you were not comfortable sharing, but I think those of us in your blog community do feel a personal connection with you, so I wanted to ask. I am very happy for you -- it sounds like you have found the right person.


Hey, fourth times the charm! ;-) I know.


"I don't even mention her name (it is an unusual one)..."

You realize, Hugo, that this is irresistable...

Fantine? Olive Oil? Izanami? Kooch-kooch? Scientia? Zulaikha? Schwyzia?

Oh, I know, you can't tell. We'll just have to call her Mrs. The Hugo.


Well I was suprised someone asked about it--Such Gall!--but of course the first time you'd mentioned three previous marriages I was extremely curious myself! LOL

I admire and appreciate you for addressing the question in the manner of your choosing. And I am so happy for you; she must be such a wonderful person!

You are very wise not to use her name both for reasons of security and for her comfort and ease. That seems quite prudent, decent and respectful.


Well, I suppose the funny thing about getting married is that if it works out for the best you never want to do it again. :)


Not to discount all the personal things you shared, but yesterday's Cal game was a wee bit too stressful (and too close), don't you think?


That would be a great thing to tell your kids.


Thanks for the affirmation, everyone.

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