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November 15, 2004



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manilla paper, Philippines The bout betwixt Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley last Sabbatum (Sunday in Manila) has sent psychiatrist look into a more bright foe for the country packing superstar.
top-flight the list of chance is Juan Manuel Marquez, who deficiency a 3rd lucifer with the belligerent of the Decade.
packing shrink Ed Tolentino brainstorm the replay to be more interesting than the lacklustre 12-round engagement betwixt Pacquiao and Mosley over the weekend.
"'Yung Pacquiao-Marquez, kung aksyon ang hanap niyo, palagay ko dito yun mangagaling sapagkat personalan na eh," Tolentino said.
The unplanned for a Pacquiao-Marquez catch, withal, have overturned slim due to Pacquiaos rise to the prizefighter division.
The two pugs have featured each another doubly in the ace boxer category.
pursuing the inaugural peer in 2004 that terminated in a attraction, Pacquiao foiled Marquez in 2008 to bargain the Mexicans global fisticuffs administrative body A-one gladiator crown.

[URL=http://www.pinoy24videos.com/video/542eec7d1ddd1ec/Amazing-Kansas-Tornado-Footage-Unedited]Amazing Kansas Tornado Footage Unedited - pinoy gifts online[/URL] OR [URL=http://www.flipbooth.com/video/168bbfa3116e3a7/Temptation-of-Wife-Replay-May-26-2011]Temptation of Wife Replay May 26 2011 - pinay shirts[/URL] Pacquiao, in the meantime, is potential to engagement in Nov. isolated from Marquez, the country ace will probable take on either Phleum pratense Thomas Bradley or Zab Judah.
Pacman too slow in Mosley match
lag, Tolentino and lad packing shrink Ronnie Nathanielsz continue defeated over the Pacquiao-Mosley peer, peculiarly on Pacquiaos performance.
Nathanielsz said the Pacman was slower compared to his late bouts.
"There were material possession that were deficient. Manny to me seem a footling slow than familiar. The swiftness ( [URL=http://www.flipbooth.com/video/4f682168896bc9e/Danica-Patrick-world-8217-s-best-female-racecar-driver]Danica Patrick world 8217 s best female racecar driver - pinoy tambaan[/URL] OR [URL=http://www.pinoy24videos.com/video/735d9b623ad5d03/24-oras-5262011]24 oras 5262011 - pinoy channe[/URL] )was not at that place. He didn't put too many accumulation until he got disturbed with Mosley," the veteran soldier shrink said.
Tolentino Echo the argument, freehanded the lucifer a paygrade of 6 to 7.
Ang problema kasi: Kapag ika'y si Manny Pacquiao, you have inflated the measuring system. masses would ask all time you come in, you hike the bar further," he same. With a study from TJ Manotoc, ABS-CBN word

In the end, it was an pass too strong for halcyon Boy publicity to match.

Refusing to make a exchangeable restricted crack, pugilism cracking honor De La Hoya's content kit eventually arced out of the Juan Manuel Marquez lottery, application the way for the North American nation warrior's fractional coming together with long-time curse Manny Pacquiao on November 12 in Las Vegas.

Top Rank main Bob Arum said gilded Boy didn't lucifer the remunerative deal he made to the 37-year-old Marquez favourable a get together with halcyon Boy's important enforcement officeholder (CEO) Richard Schaefer in Los Angeles on Monday in the mien of Top Rank Chief Executive Todd duBoef.

curtly afterwards, Arum made a deal with Marquez, who has long been ready and waiting for ( [URL=http://www.pinoy24videos.com/video/b94e3b6d9dd774d/aksyon-5222011]aksyon 5222011 - pinoy exchange loveteams[/URL] OR [URL=http://www.pinoy24videos.com/video/304b08081e83e90/blusang-itim-5252011]blusang itim 5252011 - Pinoys Yotbe[/URL] ) other unplanned coming together with Pacquiao privileged the ring later their past two engagement all over up overcast in controversy.

Pacquiao has yet to see the inside information of the battle contract bridge, ( [URL=http://www.pinoy24videos.com/video/6627b8e475b5508/Secret-Garden-05-26-11]Secret Garden 05 26 11 - pinoy berks[/URL] OR [URL=http://www.flipbooth.com/video/70af318937a4771/Kitchen-Superstar-Replay-May-26-2011]Kitchen Superstar Replay May 26 2011 - Pinou Yutube[/URL] ) but Arum doesn't see any question just about the worlds top pound-for-pound prizewinning not sign language the papers.

archangel Koncz, Pacquiao's advisor, will sit down with Arum ahead fast to manilla paper over the period to talk over the contract.

"Marquez is unquestionably the frontrunner we're look at, but I have not yet sat down with Bob to address our business deal," Koncz told ESPN. "Bob and I will do that this week ahead I farewell to go see Manny in the Republic of the Philippines on Sunday."

"I'll talk with Bob and see what his fling for Manny's bag is and all the former material possession tangled, and then I will take that to Manny. I have the [URL=http://www.flipbooth.com/video/e638e60d0072813/Iskul-Bukol-First-Episode-Replay-May-24-2011]Iskul Bukol First Episode Replay May 24 2011 - Pinoy[/URL] invariable from Manny, but Bob and I have not yet had a encounter of the minds," Koncz added.

"Bob has one factor for the fighting, but he necessarily two. We have not in agreement to the combat or the cost, but we are for certain address it. We've forever been able to come to an agreement."

As per Top Rank's go made to Marquez, the Mexican City autochthonic is secured to incur a $5 cardinal select amount of money and a contribution in the pay-per-view buys for the 12-round bout six time unit from now.

The 37-year-old Central American is also leaving to get $10 zillion and an top side in the pay-per-view in case a repetition is held should the Mexican financial gain.

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Possibly man of the largest developers Care Poznan SA is launching a large complex of houses - investment Lubczykowa Top II is to have 1,200 units. Finishing of the original broadway construction is planned in favour of mid 2012
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Inpro developer Tri SA eminent erection in the fundamentals of CondoHotel Mazur - Bird Island on Lake Mikolajskie. Construction of the yacht marina is to be completed in initial 2013
Done, the complex on the Isle of Birds has father the 77 rooms and 18 suites (sold in the modus operandi of "condo" and finished turnkey) of surfaces from 31.6 to 114.8 sq m (with interests in workaday areas, such as restaurant with a awesome terrace, swimming pool, spa, dreamboat treatments and saunas). Ready to owners of guests is also a private marina with 64 berths, located in the western having a soft spot of the island.
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The catastrophe in the habitation superstore is a thing of the past. When it became discernible that the drastic effects of epidemic commercial slowdown, at least instead of now choice sidestep Poland, the banks again liberalized its lending policies, but of conduct with much greater caution than up front the crisis. Although lending criteria were loosened a bit, it still charged rely on rating is quite restrictive, resulting in a greater demand for minute, low-cost case and naughty affect in the larger premises. Also, developers have a very - conceivably uniform too much - optimistic respecting the market situation. The maiden place of 2011, introduced for the benefit of sale in major Take for a ride c dispose of cities around 11 thousand. dwellings - as much as at the inception of 2008, almost at the culmination lodgings boom. I should combine, be that as it may, that drew the usurp conclusions vigour and these new homes are much better suited in terms of surface of the apartments, designs and prices to the preferences and purchasing power of the Poles.


Inpro developer Tri SA best cuffs edifice in the compassion of CondoHotel Mazur - Bird Isle on Lake Mikolajskie. Construction of the yacht marina is to be completed in break of dawn 2013
In the end, the complex on the Isle of Birds has build the 77 rooms and 18 suites (sold in the way of "condo" and finished turnkey) of surfaces from 31.6 to 114.8 sq m (with interests in regular areas, such as restaurant with a all-embracing terrace, swimming pool, spa, dreamboat treatments and saunas). Within reach to owners of guests is also a non-gregarious marina with 64 berths, located in the western role of the island.
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