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November 15, 2004



As someone who just finished boring students with a two hour lecture on Plato's theory of the forms, I must say I'm a bit jealous. Sounds like a really fun lecture (to give and to hear).


One quibble--how exactly did men have "more access" to women's bodies in the boomer generation than before? What does that mean, exactly? The previous generation married younger, so if anything, each man had a wife and the built-in expectation of pretty much endless access to *her* body. In a way, that's "more access". Also, the boomer generation would be one of the first where women started demanding equality, something you can see in the Clinton marriage. Equality meant that men could be judged, for the first time ever, for "playing" before marriage while expecting to have a virgin bride. The WWII generation was notorious for catting around during the war--it seems to me that Playboy was helping them relive a time when it seemed like women were young, pretty and everywhere. (Think of the famous pic of the sailor kissing the woman when peace was declared.)

Clinton's philandering seems more in line to me with the philandering style of the WWII generation, where the stereotypical affair was between an older married man and a younger single woman who is a work subordinate. Boomer affairs are stereotypically between age peers, where troublesome consent issues are not a problem. In most ways, I would say that feminism reduced "access" to women's bodies, if only because women started refusing to see themselves as items to gain "access" to, but more as sexual actors in their own right.


It's not a zero-sum game, Amanda. The fact that women saw themselves as "agents" did not mean that young men did not have greater opportunity to be predatory. Greater access to legal rights and contraceptives does not water down the fact that men enjoyed a culture where far more young women were willing to have sex outside of marriage. Whether they were doing it out of pressure or out of lust is not the issue -- though the 60s is sometimes over-emphasized as a cultural turning point, folks did start having more partners in that decade as a result of these new freedoms. That that was a "gain" for young men is unquestionable; whether that was an equal "gain" for women is open to debate.

Gosh, I'd be thrilled to believe that "troublesome consent issues" are less common than they were. Date rape reports -- and reports of sexual harassment on campus -- suggest that boomer profs (and Gen X profs) are more than doing their part. All of our WW2 era boys are retired now; I don't know about where you are, but the men I teach with are hardly models of egalitarianism!


Playboy, when it began, also offered a kind of glamour and sophistication that middle America had been lacking -- and that many of the WWII generation had been exposed to in Europe during the war. Not that people didn't dress up to the nines to go out to clubs and dance halls, even in small towns, but nudity was something different. Hugh Hefner looks laughable now with his pajamas and his mansion, but I'm sure he seemed pretty cool back in the day.

Roles for women changed as well. Some women's magazine, I think it was Glamour, ran a feature about 10 years ago or so comparing pictures of various Hollywood actresses from different eras at age 26. The first was Bette Davis, with heavy makeup that looks aging to a modern eye, but which looked very young and free and spirited back in the 20s and 30s. Then Elizabeth Taylor, who was all sophistication and adult glamour in the 50s, the same time Playboy came out. Then Sandra Bullock, with pigtails and a natural face. It was interesting, the pendulum swing there.

Also, in the New Yorker of either a week or two weeks ago, there was a piece about The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, focusing on how men of the WWII generation didn't dwell on their experiences in the war. But the novel itself was a picture of a man of the generation Playboy was aimed at, and he not only kept down a job, he had a family, an active social life and a hell of a lot of cocktails. The main thread seemed to be displaying one's prosperity rather than letting loose with one's libido (though the main character had a son with an Italian woman he had a fling with during the war).


I think that the problem is that we *do* see it as a zero sum game, and that's why words like "access" to describe women's sexual behavior is still an acceptable word. We would never describe women as having more "access" to men's bodies, though that has also happened as well.

Back in the Playboy era, tolerating sexual harassment was part of a woman's job description, and date rape was blamed on the victim. There were fewer complaints not because men behaved more but because women tolerated abuse because they had no choice. I think that men noware probably more, not less, likely to understand the boundaries between woman-as-coworker and woman-as-sex-object than then. So, in that sense, "access" to women's bodies has increased and not decreased our control.

As much as it may startle our sexually conservative sides, women's control over their bodies has increased with men's "access" to those same bodies. My grandmother's doctor thought nothing of changing her pill prescription without telling her from the birth control pill to a fertility pill and she got pregnant, of course. A woman of my mother's generation or of mine would sue.


Amanda, I DO agree with your final paragraph -- "As much as it may startle our sexually conservative sides, women's control over their bodies has increased with men's "access" to those same bodies".

Right. Not a zero-sum game at all!

La Lubu

Hmm. Don't know about your premise; men in the pre-WWII era didn't have any time to themselves, either. The single-adulthood phenomenon is fairly new. Playboy's success was partly based on the medium....cheap magazine access for a large group of men. The idea of featuring more nudity was the result of exposure (sorry!) to European magazines, posters, and art....and that started during WWI, not WWII.

Beyond that, I'm with Amanda here. And don't forget that Playboy pushed for acceptance for female contraceptives and abortion...and not because of any feminist ideology, either!

Oh, and in speaking to my grandmothers, they assure me that there was plenty of premarital sex going on during WWII and before. Young women in long-term relationships felt more free to have sex than we in modern times give them credit for. Don't get me wrong, the Pill did make a difference. There may be more willingness to have sex outside of a long-term relationship now, but just talking to older women makes me believe that the amount of premarital sex in long-term relationships was about the same then as now. And of course, what hasn't changed since then is the equation: man who has a lot of premarital sex=stud, woman who has a lot of premarital sex=slut.

And isn't it funny that when asked about the number of lifetime sexual partners, men have a much higher number on average than women?


La Lubu, have you read the study that they did where they asked two groups of students how many partners they had, one group hooked up to what they thought were lie detectors and one without? The "without" group turned in roughly the same numbers as you would expect--men significantly higher than women. The group that thought they were hooked up to a polygraph machine coughed up much different numbers. The men gave a somewhat smaller number, but the women gave a much, much higher number.

La Lubu

Heh heh, just what I would expect!!


The creation and extension of adolescence in Western culture has interested me for a long time. A lot of people don't realize how new the whole idea of "teenager" is, and how historically peculiar our expectations for it are. I was thinking about that re your earlier posts about "freaking." There's this cultural expectation that teens have their own culture, they'll fool around and try to shock their elders, etc. And really, that expectation is only about 50 years old.

In our society, it's untenable to have kids grow up as fast as they used to. For one thing, there's all this education you have to go through before you're considered ready for the work force. But I do often wish that teens could be integrated into society more. We're so accustomed to age segregation that even churches do it. But I don't see how kids can learn to be adults if they're shunted off into their own worlds where they outnumber the grownups by 30 or 40 to one. No wonder they're often so irresponsible.


Playboy's success was also rooted in a sort of male pre-sexual revolution: rebellion at the idea that sex was something a woman used to lure you to the altar, and put you in the harness of meal ticket/workhorse. It's sad, in a way, because Hefner recognized how the gender roles of the time harmed men, but not at all how they affected women.


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