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November 08, 2004



hrm. for the longest time i wondered about buying women's jeans. stores that are within a college students "budget" (ranging wildly) seem unkind and would be the wrong environment to pick up a pair of women's jeans and try them on. also the contrast in difference would be noticeable as day and night. maybe lucky and diesel have jeans that arent that much more "curved" towards a specific gender...

main reason i wanted to give them a try is trying to find slim fitting jeans. oh well, sometime in the future, more self discovery and etc. bravo though for sharing. its like a revelation and forbidden (a sin) at the same time.

why yes, yes i can buy and wear women's jeans.

Lynn Gazis-Sax

Why didn't I get your fashion-consciousness gene? I'd have fit in a lot better in high school :-).

Now, I just let my mother-in-law clothe me.


Mmmmm.... hay cubes.


Hmm. Maybe those student rumors about your sexual orientation have less to do with the subject matter of your teaching and more to do with your keen fashion sense.

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