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November 02, 2004



thanks for that prayer, Hugo. My friend and I agreed last night to have a moment of silence for this election day.

Jeff JP

Father, be with me all in my anxiety;
be with me in my hope,
be with me in my uncertainty.

Why ask God to be with you? Isn't God everywhere? If God is everywhere, isn't asking him, her, or it to be with you a little like asking water to be wet?

Lord, above all else, make me an instrument of your peace and your reconciliation this day and in the days to come. Amen.

This last part is the only segment of your prayer with which I can relate. I find so much of the prayer of "Christians" to be filled with mindless platitudes.

We can ask God to "make" us many things, including instruments of peace. But isn't the real issue us? Our own willingness to be peaceful in each moment, in each encounter?
God has already made us instruments of peace. But we rebel against our true nature, or we are simply unaware of it.

I understand because I used to pray like most "Christians" do. Now my prayers are much more simple. I simply wish the best for all people and things and leave the details to that divine entity or force that you call "God."

Knowing that God dwells in me and manifests through me has brought me a sublime peace that reassures me and reduces anxiety. God doesn't need to "make" me anything; he, she, or it has already made me. The real spiritual work, as I see it, is to remember who I am. If I remember who I am, then I already am an instrument of peace and reconciliation.

Yes, sometimes that divine image becomes tarnished, spattered with mud, covered with dirt, or stained with blood. But it's still there. It's only waiting to be uncovered and to shine forth again.


Jeff JP


Me, I'm spending the evening at a church doing a centering prayer service, partly because it seems like a great way to not think about the election. Sounds like you might benefit from it, Hugo, though I doubt you'd want to drive all the way to Hermosa Beach.




Awesome prayer, Hugo.


thank you for that. i'll be going to church tonight praying for me, praying for you, praying for everyone..."Dear Lord, please hear us."

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