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November 16, 2004



My dear Hugo have you never seen the movie "Porky's"? They have a glory hole which is used for male perversion against FEMALES.

That was a peephole, not a glory hole. And the idea in Porky's was that the boys used that hole to observe the girls without their consent. The idea of a glory hole is that two strangers perform a consensual act through it. One could certainly make the argument that the nonconsensual act was more perverted than the consensual act. But historically, that would not be -- and is not -- the case. Hey, the peephole is a celebrated part of straight male culture, while the glory hole is vilified.

Strain for moral equivalence all you want, but the article was bad journalism and the use of the particular, loaded adjective in a news article should be challenged.

Jaynita Ann Isabelle Carney

Dear Hugo,

The articule does state "One MALE" why do you assume the partner is male? It say willing participant... That does not mean a Male. I myself have been guilty of entering a Men Locker room when I was younger.

Jaynita Carney

And yes Hugo I am the WEB EDITOR which means i DO not have an active roll in the Printed Issue... Which is why I DO NOT WRITE ARTICLES! So what does this have to do with my opinion?

ZuZu... Pehapes you should make tonight a Blockbuster night? You would see when the Gym teach grabs a poor boy and holds his male genitla through the wall...


Jaynita, I am simply suggesting that you have a loyalty to the paper for which you work. A reasonable person might suspect that that loyalty had some bearing on your response to a criticism of an article published within it. I honor you for your commitment to defending your colleagues. In your position, I would do the same -- perhaps regardless of the offense they had given.

Folks, continue on as you please -- but I'm done with this thread. My letter to the Courier stands. My anger at the use of the word "pervert" stands. My willingness to see that reasonable folks can disagree also stands.


Erica, certainly I don't mean to run you off with my nasty sense of humor. But I am serious--Christians who cry "intolerance" the second that someone criticizes them for, yes, intolerance, are usually being disingenous. They want a part of the immunity from criticism that they think gays and lesbians somehow enjoy. No one is immune from criticism--calling someone a pervert isn't criticism, it's labeling. And it's mean-spirited and intolerant. And it's not intolerant to point that out.

Criticism is not infringing on freedom. Making laws against things--like sodomy or gay marriage--that's infringing on freedom.


If the behavior described had been drilling between the men's and women's changing rooms so that men could observe the women naked, does anyone think the author would have described that behavior as "perverted"? I doubt it--reprehensible, yes, but nobody thinks it perverted or unnatural that men enjoy looking at women with their clothes off.


Jaynita, perhaps you might want to pick up a copy of the AP Style Book as part of your "roll" at the paper.

Spelling, capitalization and punctuation rules are all good things for a WEB EDITOR to know.

Jaynita Carney

ZuZu, Perhaps you need to look up what a WEB Editor's job is? I do Not write, WHY because I can not spell! AND this effects you how? ALSO maybe you ask sholud a newspaper staff wht they a a COPY EDITOR? If you wanna be a smart ass about it I bet you a $100 bucks I could put your knowledge of HTML to shame...


Who's Sholud?


Sholud was a 9th century B.C. Assyrian king. Alternatively, Sholud is the third cousin (on her mother's side) of Shelob, the awful arachnid in the Lord of the Rings. The bits of common knowledge people live without...


Oh ya right like you have never made a typo? it was "should".

Sorry Hugo but a can't email things from this stupid computer... I just wanted to say that you did a good job at the Quiz bowl today! And I know I may not always agree with your opinion, but I would love to take one of your classes, you really seem passionate about what you teach...


Thank you, Jaynita. I look forward to meeting you as a student.

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