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October 05, 2004



A modest proposal: Make prostitution illegal but make the "punishment" for early offenders (like up to five offenses) rehab of whatever stripe they need -- usually drug rehab, but sometimes other forms of protective custody. The first offenses would not be part of a permanent record unless they repeated the offense too many times. (It can't just be first, a first offense is rarely enough to trigger earnest efforts at rehab.) This would be a parallel program to that which has been put in place for drug offenders. Also, continue to prosecute johns and pimps. They really have no excuse.

I know I can't find the link, but there was a series of stories written by a woman on women who are legal prostitutes in Nevada, and what prostitution does to their lives, specifically, the lives of their children, and how most of them are doing it not because they want to but because it serves somebody else's economic interest. There was a particularly powerful story about a woman named "Donna" whose husband "made her" become a prostitute so that they could enhance their standard of living, but refused to ever talk to her about what she was doing. I am sorry, but I believe that the Donnas of the world would be far better off if prostitution remained illegal. I know it's a difficult subject, but reality on the ground, is that there are many women who are coerced by others to make sacrifices against their own best interests. And we haven't even begun to talk about HIV, hepatitis, and STDs that can destroy a woman's fertility, if not her life.


Well, I'm a man and I think legalisation is insane. Our government did it in 2002, and it's failed already, it's a mess. I support now, as I did then, the Swedish model, which has reduced Sweden's rate by heaps. I've also signed the petition to overturn the Act, at www.stoptheabuse.org.nz. I've taught the children of prostitutes. It doesn't just damage the woman, but the men and their families, and the woman and theirs. Prostitution is a cancer on the soul of human society, and it needs to be killed. Prostitutes need help, not cheer-leading from stupid politicians who have no idea what their loony social engineering will do.

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