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October 26, 2004



Hey Hugo, your students thank you, at least those that would be in conference. In the medical world, you are supposed to stay home when sick with infectious diseases - don't inflict that cold on possibly immunosuppressed patients!


i guess i was right. everyone missed you today. even after seeing the "CLASS MEETING CANCELLED" sign by the door, we all just stood there thinking it was a joke, and you'd come marching down the hallway with your diet coke jug in hand. i guess we're just so used to having at least a one week notice prior to the absence...trust me-everyone was sad to have class cancelled. nobody did the usual "whoo-hoo!" and "hip, hip, hooray!" you're probably glad to hear that. well, get plenty of rest. we're all looking forward to class on thursday. get well soon! :)


It is true Hugo, we all stood there in front of the class for like 10 minutes, wondering if you were ok. Some of the girls who have taken your classes in the past were really worried about you. I decided to used my time productively, so I went to the Library to catch up on my journals assignments.
ok see ya tomorrow,

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