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August 27, 2004


Martin Jensen

about gymnastics:
ever looked at the disciplines - they're didfferent for the sexes. Only floor exercise is the same.
Now on a closer look, all the men's parts, you need to be strong for; all the women's gymnastics you need to be flexible for.
Historically, if you want to only find out who is THE one best person in the world, this makes sense. Now, things have changed: firstly, it is generally accepted that men's and women's olympics are parallel and separate. Nobody will go over to a female gold medalist in running or weightlifting and say to her "you may have the best women's score, but think about all those men who did better than you".
Secondly, people have discovered that children - are even more flexible than women.
They've now put an age limit in place (16 years); the new elite is from China and measures 1m30 by 35 kg at 17 years.
But perhaps they should just add a new discipline to women's gymnastics, one that calls on body strength instead of flexibility - as with the men. This would allow the slightly older and stronger athletes to make a better overall score. But you'd have to do away with medals per discipline, too, for that to work.
Anyway, just a thought.

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