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August 27, 2004


Miss O'Hara

This is a very good (and poignant) post, Hugo. I admire your candor as well.

The thing that captured me, too was the "I don't know why"s. *sad sigh*

It isn't just tough for young people to talk to older adults, it's difficult for us to discuss things with our own peers. These days, it's certainly all about image, in so many ways! But your fourth-to-last paragraph makes a good point. But these days I think that many of us don't trust one another at all. (So why people trust one another enough to have sex, which is very spiritual and vulnerable, I've no idea!) (I am a virgin myself, so I have no frame of reference here.)

" They are looking for a chance to experience the reality of a personal, trusting, and complete communion. And they have been led to think that sexual intercourse has the most intense promise of providing it..."

Boy, is that ever the truth, particularly about my generation. And no, most of them don't know why. It's so sad. But our older adult friends don't talk about it, we don't, and really, no one wants to bring it up!

Anyhow. Good post. :)

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