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August 31, 2004


Sarah Dylan Breuer

Hey, if you wanted to link to yet another woman's blog, feel free to link to mine. I'm a fellow youth minister, Episcopalian, liberal, academic, and even a former All Saints Pas parishioner. Glad to run across you in cyberspace. :)




Congrats! This conversation, while largely irritating, always brings a few new, exciting voices into the mix. I'm waiting to hear what you have to say.


Sarah and Lauren, you are both now blog-rolled as well. Thanks.

Sarah -- I've heard your name around the blogosphere, and somehow never went to your place... all that has changed now...

Trish Wilson

Great post, Hugo. At least this time around the "woman blogger" debate wasn't nearly as heated as it was the last time around. Lauren and I were practically roasted on a spit. But we prevailed.

This topic comes up every three months, I swear. Mark your calendar. Next incarnation - December, just in time for Christmas. Maybe we'll be singing "Bloggers roasting on an open fire..."


Hmmm, I have some catching up to do. Only 23% of my blogroll is female, not counting mixed-gender group blogs. Of course, that's also counting all five of Joel's blogs separately, but still.

On another interesting note, I realized that 11% of the blogroll is gay or bisexual, which, pace Dr. Kinsey, is I think rather larger than the population as a whole.


Oooh, that's another good way to divide the blogroll. I'll hop to it!


Interesting posts, Hugo. And I'll second what Lauren said. I've discovered a few more blogs to add to my rolls.

It was pointed out by Antigone? Ophelia Payne? on XXBlog that these debates are, ironically, good for our traffic, at least temporarily.

I often look for new additions to my blogroll (via the Globe of Blogs, Underbloggers, and other blogrolls). I'll probably poach from yours--feel free to poach from mine.

As the debate wasn't as cantankerous as it has been in the past, I'm hoping we see some more constructive discussion around it.


I have never (consciously) lot about breaking down my blogroll. Counting only the non-group blogs (of which there are 2, both of which I'd say are guy-heavy) my blogroll is 47% male, 53% female. It's also only 9% gay, which would seem "about right" except for the fact that _I'm_ gay, and you'd think I'd do better than that. :)


Obviously, I don't think much about grammar either. That first sentence should have said "...thought a lot about..." Oy. Long day.


Hi Hugo, nice to actually be able to put a blog to the name I see commenting on Mouse Words. :) I hate the blogger commenting system. So many people post great things on Amanda's blog, and it's very hard to find their blogs from it. :)

A great thank-you for the link, and I hope to be visiting your site more often. I'm adding it to my feeds list. As Lauren and Trish already pointed out, this has been a great exercise in getting to know new blogs. I think I've added about ten.

However, umm... my blogroll is heavily tilted towards the female side, but I have an excuse. I just got back into the world of blogs, and am rebuilding my link list. Since I've been talking mostly feminist things lately, I've been linking mostly feminist women.

Oh dear, if I have to count...

25 Girls
7 Guys
6 Group

Wow, the group blogs almost outweigh the guys. That's scary. I swear, it'll even out as soon as I find some more guys I like to read! :)


I'm sad to admit my numbers:

9 groups (mostly male)
11 male
8 female

ah well.

Lawrence Krubner

At the top of my webpage, where I have the weblogs I read on a regular basis, I count links to 16 female bloggers and links to 7 male bloggers.


Guess what I've discovered?? Many bloggers are untrustworthy; male or female. It is just too easy to make up stuff when you can hide behind the anonymity of the blogosphere.__Honestly, I can't stand it!


I've had some time to think about my last post, and I think that apologies are in order.__I apologize to any of your readers in the blogosphere that I may have insulted.__ I must confess, losing a close friend's trust would be devastating and demoralizing.....So, why would I say this about people on the blogosphere?? Because I never get a chance to talk to them. What ever happened to talking one on one with a person? Don't people look at each other and talk face to face anymore? Don't tell me, that it is inappropriate, talking?


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