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July 12, 2004



Seven classes a semester??!! Wow. Can't imagine how you have time for this blog, or Church, or a pet, or running, or eating.....


I am always trying to find something that will inspire me to do what I know I should. This is an attempt to remove my need to make a choice for good. Put a gun to my head or dangle a prize and I will act. Leave me to choose for myself and I will stall until the choice is made for me.


good post. i'd like to think that if i had the extra money, i'd donate like yourself--even if only in small amounts.

but hugo, don't you like the option of giving to those you choose? don't you think you could make a better choice, then say the government, on where you would like to make your money count?


"But is giving a certain percentage of my income the same as having a spiritual relationship with money?" This sentence must be the clearest, most succinct query on giving I have ever read or heard. Gives me lots to think about as I am in the process of re-doing our budget in the spirit of the law, not the letter.

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