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July 28, 2004



I had those exact same thoughts this morning, but somehow YOU writing them sounded so much better. :)


I just wish that he could have run with John Edwards as a VP. As it is, I wouldn't mind seeing an Edwards - Obama ticket if it meant we'd have an Obama presidency someday.

Flying Monkey

...the same "star is born" mantra was pushed in 2000, when Gore had Congressman Ford speak at the LA Convention...Four years later, he's still JUST a congressman.

Obama may have a future, but it likely will be because of more than this speech...


Harold Ford Jr. is hardly an inspiring speaker. About all he and Obama have in common are their affiliations and, to some degree, their ethnic heritage. I've heard Ford speak, and he's a snooze. Obama is borderline electrifying.

We desperately need a strong black man to take over from Sharpton and Jesse as "best known black politician."


The speech is fantastic, but the man has presence, too. The video is here:


Larry Harvey

One speech does not a President make, but we are right to be very thankful for that speech and for having a guy who can believe it and present it that way. Not to mention, of course, that he's unopposed for the Senate seat!! My (85-year-old) Dad called the other day, apparently for the primary purpose of encouraging me with "If a man's ways are pleasing to the Lord, he should expect surprises." Well, may Obama have more good surprises.


Other guys whose political careers were "made" by great convention speeches are: Hubert Humphrey, Ronald Reagan, Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo, J.C. Watts. You can see it's a mixed bag of success.


True, Annika. And Clinton's speech at the 1988 convention was famously disastrous -- and look what happened to him! I note, however, that both Cuomo and Watts (for different reasons) chose never to seek the presidency -- one wonders if the former could have won in 1992 if he had done so.


i believe Cuomo could have won big. His speech was the most stirring defense of the Democratic world view i've ever heard. And the country was ready for him. Wasn't it an old Phil Hartman skit that poked fun at why he decided not to run? "I... have... mob... ties!"


Just to gloat a bit:

I live in Illinois, voted for Obama in the primaries, and am excited as heck and doing what I can so that he can become my next US senator :)

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