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July 23, 2004



Congratulations, Hugo. Marriage, done well, is as close to heaven as you can get while still wearing flesh and bones.

Flying Monkey

Congrats Hugo! That's fantastic news!


Congratulations! That's wonderful (the marriage thing, of course, although Floyd Landis showing well in the TdF is cool, too)


Contrats! That's a great bike! Oh, and the impending marriage, too :)


Congratulations, Hugo! I'm happy for both of you!


Wow Hugo! That's big news! Congratulations and good luck to both of you. She couldn't have said yes to a better guy!

Now if you can find any Mennonite athletes from Cal that would really be something...

David Morrison

Congratulations on the betrothal and many happy returns. I am sorry you didn't buy a Cannondale (made in America, great bikes) but, oh well.


Congrats Hugo and thanks for sharing your news with us. Enjoy your weekend in sin city.


Congrats to you! Thanks for the info on Floyd - the Tour de France has been so exciting to watch this year. It's fun to find another fan. Again, blessings to you and your fiancee.





Jonathan Dresner

Mazel Tov!


Congratulations on your engagement, Hugo (and identity-protected fiancee)! It really seems like weddings are in the air lately, and that's a wonderful thing.

Have fun in Vegas!


Bravo, Hugo! "There is no institution more blessed than a good marriage" (Luther). Congratulations, and Many Blessings on your betrothal.


Congratulations to you both! Have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful life together.


Floyd is keeping an online journal here. He talks about his parents and 3 sisters in France to watch him. I guess that if there were at home, they'd have to go someplace to watch the TdF because the don't even have a TV in the house. There are a couple of paragraphs in Armstrong's Every Second Counts about Landis and experiences with Lance. Humorous about self discipline and caffeine.

Nice post, nice bike--and oh, congrats on the marriage.


Congratulations Hugo, I think that's just swell. Upon your return from Vegas you must give us some of the gushy details of how you popped the question!




First, congrats on the marriage to come. Second, great bike. Trek will treat you well, the oclv is a great bike, check out the one I am getting at my site. Landis is a deep man that rides well. He will not be with Lance next year. I love your site and read it often.


goodness, hugo- congratulations! that is the most wonderful news i have heard all week. i wish you two all the best, and have fun in vegas. oh, and i hope the final wasn't a disappointment. :)

The Angry Clam

Just back in from work (read the news there, too scared to post from their computers).



Congratulations. And I think it's sweet that you protect her identity.




congratulations, Hugo.

Lynn Gazis-Sax

That's great news about your engagement. Congratulations!

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