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July 30, 2004



What is a "consistent life ethic?" I'm not sure there is any such thing. War kills some; pacifism kills others. Death penalty kills some; not having one kills others. Even a ban on abortion would result in some deaths among pregnant women, albeit a negigible number by comparison to the number of embryonic and/or fetal lives that would also be saved.

"Consistent life" is not an option. Better to adopt the policy that will result in the smallest possible number of innocent people being tortured, killed, or harmed in other preventable ways. Zero is the ideal number, of course, but it's not realistic.


Isn't finding God a journey, after all? I wish you well in your trek.


My husband is even braver than your fiancee...he took on a thrice-divorced 37 year-old with two kiddos and agoraphobia to boot. What a man! Talk about someone who has faith...


What Anglican Communion would that be?
I wish you well, Hugo. I'll pray for you-In ECUSA, you will need all the help you can get.


I just wished you'd considered the difficulties this'll pose for my blog-roll! ;o) I s'pose I could still claim that you were "anabaptist," just not Mennonite.

Are there no non-traditional mennonites over there? Here we don't have the same structured denominational expressions of anabaptism, so it tends to produce a slightly different atmosphere to some mennonite congregations. However, I'll trust that you will be able to take some valuable lessons with you as you return to All Saints.

The Lord bless you, brother.


I had the opportunity to worship with the people of All Saints a couple of times this month. What an amazing place!

Welcome back, Hugo, or should I say, welcome home?

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