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June 07, 2004


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There’s a lot about Reagan that I wish Bush would go back and study - and I guess that’s more to crack again at W than to praise Reagan. Unfortunately, perhaps, I have this biting pain at the back of my head when his (Reagan’s) name comes up as I more clearly remember his invasion (by agents, not armies) and further annihilation of my country and it’s inhabitants just after they’d managed to wrest power back from generations of US planted dictators.


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The anti-Briggs forces badly needed to win a prominent conservative supporter to their side and, against all odds, hoped it would be Reagan. They felt that the witch-hunting aspects of the initiative would offend his respect for legal institutions,


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Does not come free - in a tight but fluid world oil market, less supply in China means higher prices at U.S. pumps. But the liberal interventionists, including yours truly, is morally obliged to promote the use of force only in extreme cases, even in the case of genocide.

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Was Reagan really right? Well, I dare not to comment on this topic, I see that there has been a lot of discussions on this topic and sometimes confuses me as to who is right and who is wrong. (sigh)

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