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June 23, 2004


Craig Gross

I have attended two weekend retreats with the Marked Men For Christ. All I can say is that after two trips I am ready to keep going back! I have never been around a group of men who want to live and give more for Jesus Christ as this group of men; they are all honest, transparent and many of these men study the Word of God MORE than most Christians I know....and that is the truth. If this is a cult - then WHO is the 'cult figure' that is drawing men to these weekend retreats? Youw would think if it was a 'cult' they would have more than 2,905 men attending after 10 plus years as an organization. Actually, you will be hard pressed to know who is the leader any given weekend because there is very little preaching - it is a time bathed in the Word of God and prayerful 'soul groups'. You will face the veil of deceit, the cloud of anger, the deception of fear, the chains of sadness and the grief of shame in 44 hours.
I went into Marked Men For Christ as a skeptic. I came out regenerated in Christ - with a deeper love for my Savior than when I went in for Phase 1. Being BROKEN for Christ - dying to self - strengthening your brother in Christ - praying for and lifting each other up - staying in contact with one another - and much more - these are all components of the MMFC Fellowship.
It does not bother me in the least that men from ALL Christian denominations attend these retreats. We are all EQUAL at the foot of the Cross - and at Marked Men For Christ - you will spend 44 hours of your weekend at the foot of the Cross. Thanks, Craig L. Gross
I AM A MARKED MAN FOR CHRIST! (Saved 38 years by the Blood of Jesus - Still saved and ALWAYS WILL BE SAVED because I have been SEALED by the power of the Holy Spirit).

Jason McMillan

Though this blog is over a year old, I feel compelled to write in on the subject of Marked Men for Christ. I've never been involved in a men's group before and have no knowledge of anything other than my own experience. That said, I'd like to add: for any man seeking out a group that will accept him, without judgement for all his sins and transgressions, will find that with this group. these men are not therapists, so don't worry about getting your "head shrunk". They are, however, devoted to the service of others. And this weekend, what we call Phase 1, will help YOU dig out your own sins and simply make you aware of them, so that healing can begin. I ask that any man who is finding himself angry or sad or confused at where his life is leading him, seek out this group. I promise him that no better band of brothers can be found in this day and age. God Bless, and I'm in!

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