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June 23, 2004


Lawrence Krubner

I don't have the money, sadly enough, to find time to volunteer my programming talents to Mozilla, or any of the other open source web browser projects, but I've done something similar to you, many times, and lost work by pressing the wrong button. When, I wonder, will Microsoft and Netscape and Apple realize that some people are writing some important stuff using web browsers?Microsoft Word does a fairly good job of protecting your work, but none of the web browsers make any such effort when you use them to write a message. If I had time I'd volunteer with Mozilla and make it more like Word. The loss of work can be heartbreaking. The best love letter I ever wrote vanished without a trace when I accidently hit the escape key - and like you, I didn't have the energy to rewrite it, so I ended up simply sending a brief summary to the woman. Tragic.

Jay Townsend

Why dit you exclede the fatherhood movement?

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