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June 24, 2004



Wamble, past tense of wambling, or to wamble, what a funny word. Wamble, wamble, wamble. It can't be said enough. Wamble, wamble, wamble. Everyone needs a wamble now and then.


"I'm a wambling weck from Geojah Tech..."

sorry, couldn't resist. Now that stupid song's going to be stuck in my head all day, probably wambling through my conscious ...

I've been wanting to ask -- what's in Mathilde's bowl? Just plain dirt? sand? something exotic (to match her exotic beauty and charm)?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Volcanic ash is the ideal, though what one buys at the store just says "all natural dusting powder".


You're also the #1 site for "Christians for Chinchillas". Try it.


I love it, Colleen! Perhaps Christians for Chinchillas can endorse Kerry. We could send him some fresh alfafa pellets.


I'm not surprised, you probably are the only Christian for Kerry. Maybe a few of the Google searchers are too, but then again, maybe not. For all we know, they could be a bunch of non-Christians who oppose Kerry, but were curious to see if there are any Christians out there who support him.

On a totally unrelated note, I bought a bottle of Heinz Ketchup the other day. The label says "will work for food." True story!


My name is Tammy and I am a Christian, a Southern Baptist, a public school teacher, and a DEMOCRAT! I do not believe these "I am's" contradict each other.

I do not believe in abortion, but I serve a mighty God, and I believe he is concerned about a lot more in this country than just abortion.
If you read the Gospels, you will be hardpressed to find much in common between the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Republican Party platform. This was not always true, but since Eisenhower's time, the Republican Party has changed drastically. The really troubling thing is, that many Christians are so taken in by the "politically religious", that they hand their vote over to this party without blinking an eye. Shouldn't those who name the name of Christ be concerned about the same people that Christ was concerned about? If we do not believe in what He believed in, why do we believe in Him?

It is increasingly uncomfortable to attend church when some of the prayers and sermons rival the best paid political advertisements! Do you think God honors that? I don't!
Why aren't we encouraged to pray during election time? Is it because our pastors and the "politically religious" know that when real Christians pray for guidance during election time, the outcome might not turn out to be what would benefit their own agenda? Aren't we asked to boldly approach the throne of grace? When we accept pamphlets from the "politically religious", when we listen to prayers in our churches that do not ask for wisdom during election time and that His will be done, but beseech God to let everyone vote for President Bush, when we listen to sermons that deal mainly with abortion and homosexuality and nothing else, we have to ask ourselves the question - where are we? In church worshipping the living God, or are we at a political rally worshipping a man?
I believe that it is bibically immoral for us to know that there are poor, hungry, sick, homeless, jobless, handicapped, etc. out there and only pay lip service to them. I believe that it is biblically immoral for us to treat them as if their problems were all their own fault. If Christ's churches were doing Christ's work, these problems would not be as serious as they are today. Yet we get all sanctimonious when the government steps in and tries to help these problems with social programs. The first thing out of our mouths is BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL! or maybe TAX and SPEND! Well, someones heart needs to bleed. And we call ourselves Christians.
I believe that there are those "politically religious" out there for whom the abortion issue is just a smoke screen. I believe that for them the most attractive aspect of the Republican Party is it's fiscal policies. These "politically religious" stand in churches and assure God that everything they have is really His, but they live their life by the motto: "What's mine is mine"!
I am convinced that if Jesus Christ came back today and decided to run for office, he would not get elected. I am convinced that this is because many Christians would not vote for Him. He would want to help too many people that we don't want to associate with, and besides, it might cost us money in the long run, taxes you know.

Finally, repeat after me, "GOD is not spelled GOP!"

Thanks for giving me a chance to voice my opinion!


Posted by: Tammy Jo at July 5, 2004 04:08 AM

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