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June 16, 2004


Dana Ames

Oh Hugo, I am sorry about your fender bender. It's frustrating to have something new get knocked about. Even when people are kind, it just takes so much time to deal with all the things one has to deal with, esp. with cars in So. Cal.

May I say your posts have been wonderful lately. You honor your readers with your honesty. The window into your heart re your need for friendships with men is a treasure, and I for one will hold it carefully. Thank you.

I see glimpses of clean fire in your writings on touch/hugs and how you care for your students, and your passion for making space in the church for men and women to relate to one another without fear. I wish I could express how much that means to me, how much I am healed through it and how certain I am that many others are too.



I offer my sympathy; it's always heartbreaking to have an accident, especially with a new car. I can relate; my husband totaled his 9-month old Honda today. I praise the powers that be that both you and he were uninjured. I offer a hug and words of appreciation for your honesty, warmth, intellectual and extremely well written posts, and hope that you're feeling better about the day.


Car incidents of all kinds tend to really rattle me, especially since my sister's accident. Over last weekend I was nearly in THREE accidents, all caused by drivers doing exactly what that person in the minivan did to you. The last one left me crying all the way to the hospital (going to visit Ginny, weirdly) so I know exactly how you feel!

I'm really sorry about the accident but I'm glad you had a kind person come forward with the plate number!


Glad to hear you are okay Hugo!


Ditto to what Annie said, Hugo.

I remember my angst when my then-4-year-old son accidentally ran the blade of his Tonka bulldozer the width of the door of my less-than-24-hours-old brand-new Toyota.

Both car and child survived the incident, but it was a close thing for the child.........


Glad you are okay!!

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