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May 27, 2004



Basically my whole family drive petrol-guzzling utes (pick-ups) and Land Rovers. We live in the country. We're allowed. How very sad that you've let the Jesus-Veg lobby get to you. I feel your pain! ;-)


Get the convertible, dude. Or maybe that's just my fantasy.;-)


Goodness, you're growing up! Next time you face this need again will be in approximately ten years at your mid-life crisis point. But then it'll be for a sports car.


Always enjoyed your updates and i would have to agree with the majority that most of them are great posts, and this one is not excluded. Oddly enough most of the time i have thought about throwing my two cents into the pool of comments regarding your other topics but ended up not.

Not to be a wet-blanket or whatnot but the toyota solara in some ways is more of a feminine 2 door coupe. How is that possible since Sedans and Coupes are usually unisex!? The Solara is basically too "watered down", its been soften and luxur-ialized (luxurious + industrialized)

This same view can be applied to leasing the Lexus rx330, it would definitely not be the envy of the block. Considering that your neighbors are made up of men who drive SUVs that are very much like themselves, big and consume.

Now if moving from a vehicle that "manly construction workers", the truck, would use to a "tree hugging-earth loving hippie", the Prius, makes you feel uneasy what would the Solara do to your masculinity!?

At any rate i think the Solara is a very good car, but your options are open!

"If youre going to get your feet wet, why not go for a swim?"

Have you looked at another family of cars outside of the Toyota line?


Hey Hugo, just a thought - next time you're trying to impress a gal who's into lumberjacks, you might consider just growing a beard. Way cheaper, especially in this time of exorbitant gas prices. :)


Someone from my church needed a pickup last night to move a big piece of furniture. If you're available, stop by tonight and help them!
You can use mapquest to get directions to North Minneapolis.

The Angry Clam

I've kicked around the idea of getting a gigantic truck after my Corolla lease is up. I'd also immediately purchase and apply a "Yes this is my truck, no I won't help you move" bumper sticker.

However, there have been times (such as moving down to LA from Sacramento with everything I owned in the Corolla) where a truck would have been quite useful.

That all said, my next car is likely to be a ridiculously expensive and unnecessary sports car, on the theory that any wife I ever have will forbid me from purchasing such a device, and thus I need to get it before I get her.

John Sloas

I have to admit, when I first saw your truck I thought, "this doesn't seem to fit". I'm a big fan of Hondas. Glad to hear you are all healed!


The Solara is marvelous -- I took it out for a spin last night. Sporty but not flashy. And much better mileage, thanks be to God!

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