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May 20, 2004



I'm disappointed that you didn't try out for it!


I share your disdain for reality tv, with the exception of PBS's "House" series. I wrote about this in my journal for your class once, the series they were airing then was "manor house", now it is "colonial house". I thought for sure you'd be watching it, as you cover the Puritans and utopian societies in your women's history class. I would've like to have heard what you thought of it from an evangelical stand point (particulary your thoughts on the baptist minister turned governor of the colony). Having said that, you'd better tune into Frontline tonight! I forwarded you the link, here it is again so that everyone can watch it (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/jesus/) it's called the Jesus Factor and it's all about Bush, his religion and the alarmingly (to me) increasing numbers of evangelical's and fundamentalist's who are expected to vote in the next election.


"alternately repelled and fascinated," yah, you and me both.

Still, you would have been perfect, Hugo. You even look a bit like the Professor. Plus you're smart, got an interesting personality, you're in good shape, know a bit about the outdoors. i would have been surprised if you were not ultimately chosen. But can you make a radio out of bamboo?

By the way, how did they ever get batteries for that thing?

The Angry Clam


It'd be fun!


You could do a devestating expose afterwards!
Then again, you are probably wise. Lord knows how they make these things, or what they make you do.


If they're really recasting the show, they need a chemistry professor.

I'm glad Hugo declined. While I guess I understand the "flattered" part, my reaction to "reality" television is a combination of repulsed and appalled.

Except that Kelly is right about the PBS "House" series. Most of them have been excellent.

In the current one, Colonial House, there's too much yattering about how religion will get them through it and not enough working at the things that allowed early colonizers to survive, though. The previous shows were about the time period and about what it really took to survive on a daily basis. I found that to be a more interesting approach.


I really did think about it. Honestly, if I were single, I might have done it. But dating someone seriously means that I won't go into any situation where stirring up romantic tension with others is part of the deal -- and I have a feeling that is what all of these reality shows are mostly about.

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