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May 20, 2004


The Angry Clam

Dude, go to the audition.

Do you have any idea how fun someone with your attitude would be on a castaway type show?


True, Clam. But then everyone would know Hugo and find this blog. Then I could no longer feel special for knowing about it and sneaking in through the back door every day. : )


I'd even suggest you go to the audition if only to accumulate some killer writing material. I do a lot of things solely for writing potential, actually.

Why not? Might be fun.

Col Steve

What would have been interesting is if the reporter had asked for the percentage loss rate during 91-92 when there was both a rise in "patriotic" feelings and a relative downturn in the economy as a comparison given the policy was in place than as well.

I'm trying to understand if your outrage is about not being able to host state-sponsored tournaments (which I conclude based on the passages you cited) or if it is that some members decided that for various reasons, they believed their childrens would get a better education in a school that had differing guiding principles - (including some were Mennonites)

"Though some parents gave no reason for withdrawing their children, “we do know of several families who were embarrassed by our stance [on the anthem],” Miller said.

This included a number of Mennonites — which Miller said indicated divided convictions on several issues in the local Mennonite community.

Was your outrage that some people reacted strongly, perhaps on the basis of inaccuracies in the original story? I hope the school was able to get a correction on that aspect.

I think the state has the right to ask for certain conditions to host a state-sponsored event just as a private school as the right to opt out if hosting the event conflicts with its principles. Similarly, the private school can choose to or not to participate at events hosted by state school. As you wrote elsewhere, "but as Christians, we must be wary of the temptation to try and remake Caesar into the image of the church."

I'm intrigued by another passage in the story:

Instead — as frequently occurs at other Mennonite schools — prayer precedes all public gatherings or programs.

“Our focus has been on prayer and on an attitude of prayer prior to our public events,” Martin said.

I'm not surprised a religious school has prayer, but the article doesn't make clear if "public" events include "state sponsored events." I would assume if that school hosts state sponsored events that some liberals or ACLU types would be objecting vigorously.

And, thanks for the article because it made me read the Confession of Faith at the Mennonite Church USA website.


My outrage is at Mennonite parents not knowing their pacifist heritage. The fact that Caesar doesn't want to host his basketball tournament at a school that will not put devotion to him first -- that troubles me less. Thanks for asking for the clarification.


Indeed. "I can see your point, Mary Ann, but Mr. Howell is a very nice man too, and I really must...Well, if you feel that way....I think we have had a positive discussion, a free and frank exchange of views, opening up some fruitful channels of communication for a later time. Thank you for your contribution-I really think this is a both/and situation, and we really are heading towards the same goal here, and if we can just hold our communion while we go through a dialogue process, I feel we can respect each other's unique experiences-Not, of course, that, as a white man, I am qualified to speak to your experience....."

What fun! I'd watch, I really would.


Oops, that "indeed" was directed at the Angry Clam.


I read David Morrisson's book and found it very interesting and nuanced. I'm eager to see his blog. My Christian workplace's web filter has blocked the site as inappropriate (aargh!!), so I'm going to try viewing it from home.


John, you've almost made me re-think my stance on auditioning. Almost.

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