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April 22, 2004



Wow, Hugo, that is extremely disturbing. Body image and our culture's continual obsession with it are very integral to any gender studies course, I would think. Your revelation has pretty much shocked me. Wow. I can't believe the course and discussion is giving these girls a sense of encouragement. Ack!

Ralph Luker

Elizabeth, I suspect that the point here isn't that students must necessarily be taking encouragement in what we think is unhealthy behavior from issues and alternatives made available to them in gender studies. They may. What is really important is Hugo's awareness of that possibility and that the teacher can never control how students use information and perspectives opened up to them by formal education.


Ralph - I am afraid my post may have been confusing. I was trying to express my disappointment in what Hugo was realizing about his class, not in Hugo's teaching-style. That's what I get for writing comments as almost stream-of-consciousness, I guess.


I knew what you meant, Elizabeth... no worries! :-)



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