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April 06, 2004



A lot of women regret about their plastic surgeries: http://www.plasticsergeant.com/plastic-surgery-stories


A lot of women regret about their plastic surgeries: plastic surgery stories


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They may not be as ashamed of their sexuality as their great-grandmothers were (though some are still understandably shy), but they are still ruthlessly critical of their own flesh. The negative judgments however, are now rooted in aesthetics. Fat has replaced desire as the primary enemy to be contained and controlled. If self-control and exercise fail, there is always the surgical removal of the offender (fat) through liposuction and body sculpting.

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Candace I really enjoy your add i think is very realistic and it goes right to the point.

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Images

I did labioplasty after I saw some ads that suggested that big labia were abnormal.
Before that I had no physical discomfort or insecurities.
But after I heard about labioplasty I got extremely ashamed of myself.
Now that I have done it I look mutilated and after 7 months I still have agonizing pain and sex is impossible.
To what extent do we have to butcher our normal bodies to catch up with the media created "ideals"? :(

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Plastic surgery is a very big trend. The promise of having a body part surgically altered to meet your standard of beauty is very tempting. Nose jobs are one of the most common procedures done, and are also very commonly re-done. There are many reasons rhinoplasty doesn't go as planned, and getting that fixed is the next step.


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