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April 21, 2004



I must say that while I was reading this post I was thinking of my hot French TA from last quarter (who you've heard plenty about on my blog) and the things he would wear. You make a good point about how clothing can be a distraction in an academic setting (or any setting for that matter) and it's one that I wish more of my classmates kept in mind.

I think that at those times in our lives when we are young, in good shape, and proud of it, we do want to show off and get attention. There's part of me that agrees with that "flaunt it if you've got it" philosophy, but it's hard to learn another language when you're trying to figure out if your sexy TA is gay or straight.


The new picture reminds me of Guy Pearce's character in L.A. Confidential. I just wanted to share that.


I've heard that a couple of times, Lorie, and it always makes me blush. Vanity tells me I'd rather be his character in "memento", but that is neither here nor there.

And remember, Amy, he may well be straight.

The Angry Clam

Hugo, I didn't think of the running photo as a vanity.

You do spend a good amount of time talking about the experiences you have in running marathons- a photo of yourself doing exactly that is nothing more than appropriate, given the subject matter of the blog.

You're the Anabaptist, I'm the Catholic. I'm supposed to be the one who's guilty about everything.


I agree with the Angry Clam - I thought the photo made sense given your love of marathons and running. I did feel kinda strange at work reading a blog with a half-naked guy on it, and this no pic does make you appear more professional, though.


uh, I meant "new" pic.


i always loved the more feynmanesque pic, but you are definitely a hunk either way!


Feynmanesque? Oh dear, I am flattered!


Hugo, i'm glad you took it down. Having been in your class it was a bit disconcerting seeing you half naked. I always had to hurry up and read the first part of your posts so I could scroll past the picture. Being at work I didn't want anyone thinking I was looking at the wrong kind of material.

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